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“Setting captives free” to live as who they were created to be in Christ.

Find Real Freedom

“So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed”
-John 8:36

If you are a prisoner to depression, pornography, anger, bitterness, or any other power that has control over your life – we can help. In Christ you can find real freedom and healing.

"7 Steps to Freedom"

by Set Free Ministries with Dr. Neil T. Anderson:

1. Renouncing Occult Involvement: This step involves identifying and renouncing any past involvement in the occult. It may include activities such as playing with Ouija boards, participating in seances, or engaging in any form of occult practices. By renouncing and turning away from these practices, individuals remove potential spiritual opposition that may hinder their journey towards freedom.

2. Addressing Deception: The second step focuses on recognizing and addressing areas of deception in one’s beliefs. It entails examining the lies or misconceptions that individuals may have unknowingly embraced, which can lead to misguided actions or hinder spiritual growth. By identifying and replacing these falsehoods with the truth, individuals can align their faith with accurate knowledge and make positive changes in their lives.

3. Forgiveness: Forgiveness is a significant step in finding freedom. This step involves forgiving both others and oneself from the heart, with the involvement of God. It requires seeking God’s guidance to identify the people who need to be forgiven and sincerely releasing any resentments, hurts, or grudges held against them. By allowing forgiveness to take place, individuals experience emotional and spiritual healing.

4. Dealing with Rebellion: In this step, individuals are encouraged to address any rebellion in their lives. The focus is on recognizing the rebellious attitudes or actions that may exist, whether towards God, authority figures, or societal norms. The step emphasizes the importance of submitting to God’s authority and surrendering personal will in order to experience the benefits of living according to God’s design.

5. Confronting Pride: Pride is considered a significant spiritual issue. This step emphasizes the dangers of pride and its connection to rebellion. By acknowledging and addressing pride, individuals can cultivate humility and a right perspective of themselves before God. Recognizing that all good things come from God and acknowledging our dependence on Him helps individuals to combat the destructive nature of pride.

6. Overcoming Sin Struggles: This step involves addressing specific areas of ongoing sin struggles or repetitive patterns of behavior. While occasional mistakes are part of being human, this step focuses on identifying consistent sinful behaviors that hinder personal growth and spiritual well-being. It highlights the importance of setting boundaries and seeking accountability in areas of temptation, with particular attention given to sexual sins, which uniquely impact individuals due to the sacred nature of human sexuality.

7. Dealing with Ancestral Sins: The final step involves addressing iniquities or sins that may have been passed down through generations. It recognizes that individuals may face specific challenges or patterns of behavior that have their roots in ancestral sins. By acknowledging and addressing these generational issues, individuals can break free from negative cycles and patterns that have affected their family history, allowing them to experience personal healing and transformation.

Through the “7 Steps to Freedom” appointment, individuals are guided through a comprehensive self-examination, repentance, forgiveness, and embracing God’s truth, ultimately leading to spiritual freedom, healing, and a renewed relationship with God.

From Dr. Neil T. Anderson

Freedom Appointments


Complete & Submit a Freedom Appointment Form

We expect 100%, complete and brutal honesty. In short, think deeply about who you are and why you are pursuing freedom.


Schedule your Freedom Appointment

You'll receive a phone call from our staff to coordinate details for your all-day Freedom Appointment with a team of trained volunteers specially assembled to meet your needs.


Come as you are

Attend your Freedom Appointment as you are. This means there's no need for pretending or hiding behind a mask. Be honest, transparent and vulnerable. God will do the rest.


Enjoy your newfound Freedom in Christ

We know that your Freedom Appointment is only the beginning. Through your new freedom, God will work incredible things in and through you for His glory!

Freedom by the Numbers


Yearly Freedom Appointments (SF USA & WSF)


Decisions for Christ (2023, All Branches)


Discipleship sessions (2023, All Branches)

Over 400 Freedom Appointments are completed annually, transforming lives, marriages and communities through the power of Jesus.

Global evangelism efforts have resulted over 6,000 decisions for Christ in 2023.

Weekly domestic ministry programs include Bible studies, ministry with inmates at Kent County Jail (in partnership with Forgotten Man Ministries), and ministry at SFM for men addicted to pornography utilizing The Conquer Series.

Set Others Free

Set Free Ministries is completely donor funded. There are no fees charged, assuring every hurting person has complete access to the Healer, Jesus Christ. Because of this, your financial support is crucial. It allows all three ministry branches to reach tens of thousands of individuals around the world with the message of freedom and hope.

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God at Work

Depression literally means to press something down. Pushing down emotions and not expressing them or dealing with them leads to emotional depression. We walk with those in depression and help them connect with the Ultimate Healer, Jesus Christ.
If you have suffered from the abuse of another person, it is not your fault and there is hope. Dealing with the pain of abuse can be a long road of healing. We have staff and volunteers who have abuse in their past and will be able to guide you in overcoming the pain of abuse.
Suicide touches every type of person in every walk of life. Thoughts of suicide are often present in our deepest darkest times. Dealing with the pain that leads to those times is key to overcoming a problem with suicide. There is hope. Set Free can show you the hope when you are broken hearted.
Experiencing terrible news or life changing events can damage our hope for the future. We can show you true hope and excitement for what God has in store for you in your life
Many times an addiction is a symptom of another issue that has not been resolved. Pain that is not properly examined and processed can lead to acting out in ways that lead to addiction in many forms. We walk with those dealing with addiction and help them connect with God, who has the power and authority to break all addictions.
Anger is a God given emotion against injustice. Even Jesus got angry. Remaining angry is where the trouble comes in. Forgiveness and peace can be experience if you follow biblical lessons for anger.
Feeling alone is often coupled with depression or anxiety. We are never truly alone. Connecting with God and others will help defeat feelings of loneliness.
Fear is a common symptom of another issues that have not been resolved. Addressing past issues and seeking the ultimate healer, Jesus Christ, will help you overcome fears that you are experiencing.


Freedom Appointments
A Freedom Appointment is a 4 - 6 hour meeting with 2 trained volunteers who will lead you through the steps to freedom in Christ.
Crisis Appointments
We offer appointments to meet with Staff members to talk through crisis situations.
Marriage Counseling
Biblical marriage counseling is provided by Pastor Arnie Dykstra. The Biblical principles and truths guide and help the couple to resolve the issues within their marriage.
Warriors Set Free
Warriors Set Free is Veteran to Veteran encouragement and mentoring. Veterans have a common understanding in dealing with issues from a military past and current life struggles.
Jail Ministry
In partnership with Forgotten Man Ministries, SFM staff enters Kent County Jail to encourage and support those who are incarcerated and hurting spiritually.
Conquers Group
The Conquer Series is a powerful discipleship-based group that is transforming the lives of men around the world. The series contains Biblical teaching and proven principles to help men conquer porn and walk in freedom.

Freedom Appointment

We are pleased to hear that you desire to have a Freedom Appointment using the Steps to Freedom in Christ. In order to prepare for an appointment, please take note of the following:

• Complete the Freedom Appointment Form, attached below, as completely and accurately as possible and return to Set Free Ministries in order to process your request. This information will be shared only with your prayer team that will be assisting during your freedom appointment.
NOTE: Any information that you share will be guarded with the strictest confidentiality.

• Please plan on at least a six-hour block of time to complete the process in one appointment. We suggest you bring a lunch. Coffee and water are provided.

• Prepare yourself with prayer and God’s Word. It would be good to study the verses that correspond to the Who Am I? Statements (found in both Victory Over the Darkness and the Bondage Breaker).

We always have an encourager and a prayer partner involved in each Freedom Appointment. They have been through special training to meet the requirements for a freedom appointment.

Please indicate what day(s) work best for you and we will try to schedule accordingly. Freedom Appointments are facilitated on Mondays through Thursdays starting at 9:00 am.

It is not unusual to experience increased spiritual oppression before an appointment. The enemy does not want you to experience the fullness of freedom, but God assures you that you have authority to resist those possible attacks in Jesus’ name (James 4:7; 1 John 4:4b). We will be in prayer with and for you. It may be helpful to read or review the books Victory Over the Darkness and/or The Bondage Breaker by Neil Anderson. The process that we will use can be found in chapter 13 of The Bondage Breaker. Invisible War by Chip Ingram is another excellent book to read or review to help you better understand spiritual warfare.

It will be an honor for us to serve you in this way and to be part of what Christ is doing and will continue to do in your life. We look forward to meeting with you soon!


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