Kabakyala, Uganda

Setting Captives Free in Uganda

In 2005, God opened a door for Set Free Ministries to visit Uganda to conduct spiritual warfare training for pastors. In a turn of events that was completely unexpected, 42 orphaned children showed up to the training. It was the free porridge promised to all attendees that drew the starving children to the site. When asked why the children weren’t in school, it was explained that few orphaned children attend school unless they are sponsored. A handshake agreement shortly ensued and Set Free committed to paying for a teacher to provide an education for these 42 children through a partnership with a local church. This God-moment was the start of an amazing new ministry of making disciples in Uganda nearly 15 years ago.
Today, there are over 4,500 vulnerable children enrolled in 14 Set Free Ministries-supported Christian primary schools (K-7th grade) in Uganda!


Kabakyala, Uganda




2,000 students each year

Why Light Academy

Due to HIV/AIDS, war, and poverty, the median age of Ugandans is 16; resulting in a nation of vulnerable children. There is a battle for their souls. Education is the field where this fight will be won for and by Jesus Christ. Realizing this, SFM has moved to further disciple the 4,500+ children within our Christian schools. They must not be abandoned after 7th grade. There are a limited number of high schools (most are secular or Muslim). Light Academy will approach everything from a Biblical worldview with a laser focus on developing passionate Disciples of Christ. Quality Christian education and vocational training are essential weapons in this battle. Together, we can achieve a Christ-centered sustainable future for our children!

Will you help set children free?

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